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However aqueous forms of selenium at low exposure levels of 5 ppb Working with the unique VSEP systems we can meet all your liquid solid Enebio is working to bring to market the first commercial UV LED water treatment solution


VSEP helps landills to meet strict discharge guidelines by removing suspended solids and dissolved organics and inorganics from VSEP on selenium removal

Central Arizona Salinity Study Strategic Alternatives for Brine

In the Phoenix metropolitan area advanced water treatment specifically reverse osmosis precipitation secondary RO Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processes VSEP and final The brine may contain constituents arsenic selenium etc

Desalination in Arizona the WRRC University of Arizona

Desalination the removal of salts from water harvests fresh water from salty water cess VSEPĀ® which vibrates the membrane thus agitating the surface boundary layer and in the concentrate such as selenium might compromise

VSEP Treatment of RO Reject from Brackish Well Water

Mar 17 2006 Treatment of Brackish RO Reject using VSEP Technology Selenium are controlled in drinking water so that over exposure to Selenium does

Dane Co Nutrient Concentration System Study

The NCS will remove 70 80 of the water in the manure As stated earlier the Selenium 0 05 mg L 0 1 mg L 0 1 mg L 0 05 ppm 0 05 0 1 ppm Vanadium 0 1 mg l 0 1 mg L vsep pdf Membrane filtration of manure pdf

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IWC 12 28 Removal of Selenium from Aqueous Waste Streams Anna Casasus Kemira IWC 12 53 VSep Solution for Frac Flowback Water Recycling Mark

Significance of Kaduna River to Kaduna Refining and

is recommended for treatment of desalter effluent Key words Kaduna River 0 3 Hydrocarbon 7 0 Selenium 0 01 Sulphate 200 Mercury 0 0001 propriety VSEP Filtration system desalter effluent can be treated and mitigated at

Effluent Limitation Guidelines for Power Plants Behrang VMR

Feb 24 2016 FGD Wastewater Treatment Overview Vibratory Sheer Enhanced Processing VSEP nitrate nitrite and selenium from FGD wastewater

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Jun 11 2013 VSEP for Water treatment H2S control of Improvement to Brackish Water Treatment System Engineered Wetlands for Selenium Removal

Incident Report Sanitation District

Feb 28 2012 refinery s selenium treatment units There are 18 vibratory sheer enhanced process VSEP units used to remove selenides from the stripped

More selenium problems Violations found at Ky mines

Sep 1 2009 Here in West ia a leading scientist has warned state regulators that selenium pollution from mountaintop removal mining has pushed the

Fouling Control for Polymeric Membrane Processes Petroleum

the success of polymeric membrane produced water treatment installations by New Logic Research may lead to cost effective treatment processes VSEP which is enriched in selenium as well as other dissolved salts and organic matter

Testicular membrane lipid damage by complex mixture of leachate

Dec 10 2013 cobalt Co chromium Cr molybdenum Mo selenium Se zinc Similarly the treatment of water sample from the stream close to the Monroe M Landfill Leachate Treatment VSEP Offers a Revolutionary Solution

Advanced Water Reuse in Petrochemical and Refining Facilities

VSEP RO for Selenium Removal from Stripped Sour Water MF RO Treated Municipal Effluent for Boiler Feed in Refineries e g Chevron w West Basin MWD

EUEC2017 20th Annual Energy Utility Environment Conference

Aug 24 2015 In addition to wastewater treatment zero liquid discharge ZLD technologies are also for removal of selenium and nitrates nitrites and Mechanical Vapor Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing or VSEP from New Logic

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From water treatment to water reuse and from solidification and stabilization to moisture recovery we partner with bromide treatment selenium treatment 2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9 a Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing VSEP membrane

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Using Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing VSEP this patented fouling resistant membrane filtration system makes conventional treatment systems obsolete

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innovative approaches such as the VSEP Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process filtration process ARSENIC AND SELENIUM REMOVAL TECHNOLOGIES

Selenium Removal Technologies A Review Water Online

Jan 15 2016 Selenium has emerged as a water treatment contaminant of concern in industries such as mining oil refining and power generation

official proceedings the international water ESWP

Emerging Biological Selenium Removal Processes for Refinery Wastewater Yakup Nurdogan VSep Solution for Frac Flowback Water Recycling IWC 12 53

Lithium molten salt cell with transition metal chalcogenide positive

Jun 11 1973 alloy as the negative electrode with sulfur selenium tellurium or chlorine as heated overnight to remove any moisture present Two grams of the mixture chanical breaking of the lcium zirconate barrier vsep arator

Water Reuse for Petroleum Oil Product Processing Industries

RO in the form of VSEP Vibratory Shear Enhancing Processing has also been used in the full scale for removing selenium from stripped sour water to help a